Late Night Fashion Shoot

The other night my roommate Maddie needed some makeup shots for her portfolio. I have had my makeup done many times and I always haven’t really liked the way it turned out. I either felt like I had WAY too much on or it just didn’t fit who I was as a person. Maddie did such an amazing job on both Erika and I. I’ll link her makeup IG below. Seriously check out her work!


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K so can we talk about how perfect this mom and daughter photoshoot was? Not only were they just gorgeous they were so fun to shoot and hang out with! This was my first time doing a shoot for a mom and her daughter. I LOVED doing it and want to do more! We shot on a day when it was snowing and I am so happy with the way the images turned out! Make sure to follow my Instagram to keep updated on what I am up to and traveling to!

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Holman Wedding|Snowbasin Resort Utah

Alex and Kait were so much fun to work with! They were so natural together and made my job 20x easier to shoot these two who were in love with each other! Their wedding day was spent up at Snowbasin Resort. I had never been there besides the winter time to ski. I was so stoked to shoot here in the Fall time! Here are some photos from their perfect day.

Dress: Alta Moda Bridal

Venue: Snowbasin Resort, Utah

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A few weeks ago I shot with Liberty! She was visiting from LA during the holidays. We decided to drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon and shoot with the snow! It was probably around 20 degrees while we were shooting. I’m stoked about the images we got! Check them out below and I’ll add her IG account so you can check out her amazing photos.

Liberty’s Instagram

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