6 Month Update: Aimee’s Kidney and Pancreas Transplant





Before I start this blog, I wanted to talk about some comments and opinions that I’ve seen. My story has been shared multiple times and I am so HAPPY that it has helped so many going through Kidney Failure, dealing with Diabetes or people telling me they became an Organ Donor because of me. I’d say 97% of the time this has been a very positive thing to share. That being said, I knew that putting something so personal online for the world to see, I would get everyone and their dogs opinion. No matter what it is, people will twist and turn your online life and think they know your real life. In my situation I’ve had comments like, “You traded one medical regiment for another. I’d rather have my Type 1 Diabetes than be fighting rejection on a daily basis.” My response was simple. “I’m sorry you feel this way. You think I had a choice? Did I choose to have Type 1 Diabetes? Did I choose for it to kill my kidneys, eyes and who knows what else? No; But I did choose to live and to fight with all I had left in me.”  It’s sad people have to act like that, especially from someone who has Type 1 Diabetes. I’d like to think what they would have done in my situation. SO JUST BE NICE and put yourself in other peoples shoes before judging.

ANYWAYS. On to the fun stuff! 😊

I left off the last blog in April. It has now been officially 6 MONTHS since my transplant! 6 MONTHS of being Type 1 Diabetes FREE, 6 MONTHS ago that a 20 year old man, who didn’t even know me, gave me a chance for a second life. I think about him every. single. day. As I celebrate my 6 months of this new life, I also think of my donors family and the loss 6 months ago of their son/brother. I pray every day for them, and will continue to for the rest of my life. I hope and pray that I will be able to find out who my donor family is and to be able to meet them. Like I said in my first blog of this journey, I wrote my family a letter to try and put into words of how thankful and happy I am. I know they have received my letter but have not written back. As much as I want them to and as much as I want to meet them, I have to give them their space and their time to heal. I will say this though, I do believe that we will meet someday. I have this connection to them that I can’t explain and I haven’t even met them or know who they are. All I know is that my donor was 20, male, it was a tragic accident that happened here in Utah sometime before January 8, 2018. January 8th is the day that I received my new Kidney and Pancreas. I feel like social media can be used for so much good if used in the right way. I keep hoping that maybe someone knows who my donor was or their family and see’s my blog or maybe they will stumble upon it. 🙏🏼

The rest of April was really busy but a lot of fun! I went to a friends wedding and was able to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen in almost a year.

I also went to Logan to shoot one of my good friends graduation photos! It was so good to see Marais and her baby Andee! I stayed up there that weekend with friends, crashed a wedding and enjoyed being out of the house! Back to the power of social media..I met a very special person that I can’t say who they are. They found my blog and had an interesting story. I am writing this for my own sake to remember when I met them and that day that changed my life. I hope I can write about it one day. But for now, know that it was an amazing experience and know that this person means a lot to me.

That next week, my best friend Hope from college came down from Montana to see me! I hadn’t seen her since before my transplant and I really had to act like I felt good and was happy to hang out at that time haha. It was hard when I felt like death. When she came down this time I was SO EXCITED. She brought her friend Kiera and later on didn’t know, but she is now one of my good friends! We did a photoshoot of course and then met up with some old friends at Top Golf! Later that month I went to a Bee’s Baseball game.Photo Apr 21, 11 48 55 PMPhoto Apr 22, 9 38 57 AMPhoto Apr 22, 12 10 25 AM

IMG_1354 copy

In May I shot my first paid shoot. I felt ready enough and back into the swing of things to start shooting again.  That weekend my parents and I headed down to St. George. I finally got my first outfit for Golfing and was pretty stoked about it! We then of course went golfing but it was pretty windy and cold. I got to see my sister and her family and also do two shoots while I was there!

8D8A4904We found Mars at 10:30pm. Snow Canyon State Park.

After getting back from St. George, my friend Hope came down from Montana again. Oh before I forget, as far as lab work and appointments are going, I still have to get blood drawn once a week. I now see my Kidney Doctor once a month and I have been spaced out to see my surgeon team every three months. After I had my blood drawn, I took her to the driving range to somewhat teach her (I’m not that good haha) how to golf/hit. We then went on a short hike to this place called “Ted Bundy’s Cabin.” I have always been obsessed with abandoned buildings/shooting photos in them and found this one back in high school. It’s pretty much all blocked off now and trashed..😒 We then went to Costa Vida of course. The next day we went up to Tibble Fork Reservoir. We did A LOT of shooting. I cannot explain how excited I am that I am back into taking photos again. I just feel alive and happy! The temperature there was around 50 degrees and one of the photos I wanted to do was to put her in the water and shoot above her, but I would be putting her in glacier water.. luckily she is an awesome friend and will do anything for a photo and was ok with it!



8D8A6122Photo May 11, 10 05 35 PM(I forgot to take a photo of me holding #4 up but the scar is healing well.)

The next weekend I was invited to do a photoshoot and video of my story for Moonbeam Apparel. They were doing a project about Self Love and invited 10 women of all sizes and ages to tell their story. I have never met such an incredible group of women. So STRONG and have been through so much but have come out of it and made something from it! Click HERE to watch the video they did of my story.

DSC_4037DSC_4057DSC_4283Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.14.43 PM copyPhotography Credit: @kristi_alyse_photo Clothing: @moonbeam_apparel MUA: @tiacelise

That weekend while I was up in Logan, my friend let me try out his drone in my FAVORITE canyon.

DCIM/101MEDIA/DJI_0053.JPGPhoto May 11, 9 31 28 PM

Everything with my organs has been pretty good! Really the only issue I have now is that my liver enzymes have been elevated for awhile and the Transplant Team wanted to send me to a Liver Specialist to figure out what was going on. I met with them and had blood work done and everything came back fine. They decided that they wanted to do a Liver Biopsy in June to see if they could find anything. Basically what they do, is stick a needle into your liver and take a tiny piece of it to examine.

After one of my doctors appointments I wanted to go and say thank you to my nurses that took care of me while in the hospital after my surgery. I wanted to go to ICU and then the floor I was put on after for recovery. Even though I didn’t remember ICU, I still felt that they don’t see the good outcome. The front desk let them know we would be heading over. When we got through the doors to ICU, my Dad was with me and helped me remember what room I was in. I then was greeted by a couple nurses that I had no idea who they were but they remembered me. They were so happy to see me. I then recognized one person down the hall. It was the guy who helped me walk right after my surgery. We approached him and it took him a second to remember me but then he did. He instantly had a huge smile on his face! I even found the photo on the wall of the nurse that’s married and has kids that I apparently hit on when I was drugged up 😂 .


 I went to a photographer/model meet up later that month. I figured I should step out of my comfort shell and meet some new people. We went out to the Little Sahara Sand Dunes to shoot. I kept thinking to myself that no one even cared about this place unless you were going to go ride four wheelers. That’s what we did as a family growing up. So all the sudden when photography got big its a huge spot for photos haha. While I was there I met some really awesome people. I met this girl Shanessa and wanted to do a few photos of her. A day later I was asking for her email to send some photos and then decided to invite her on a trip we had coming up with a group of “influencers”. She instantly said YES and then proceeded to help find some others to come. Which led to Dallin coming, who was also at the sand dunes that day.

8D8A6947This is Shanessa 😊 

The end of May, I woke up throwing up early morning. I couldn’t keep anything down and at that point I knew I needed to go to the hospital for dehydration. I also had no idea why I was throwing up so I figured I probably should go. I got admitted to the ER and again, just my luck, no one could get an IV in my arm. Being dehydrated didn’t help at all but man it’s a struggle. They did all the testing.. blood work, urin sample, X-rays, ultra sounds on my organs; pretty much everything they could do. Once I was admitted to the hospital I never threw up again. They wanted me to stay the night just to keep an eye on me and they were also waiting for some other results to come back. Before, I loved being in the hospital but this time I was just bored and had energy haha. I had a few visitors which was really nice! In the end they figured it out that the amount of Magnesium I was taking, plus all the food that I was eating was rich with magnesium made my stomach really upset. So I stopped taking that supplement and they told me to just eat a lot of foods high in magnesium. I’ve been great ever since!

Photo Jun 01, 11 37 16 AM

The day before though I got a spray tan (can’t be in the sun because the drugs I’m on make me more prone to getting Skin Cancer, so if I want any color spray tans it is!) sooo I got some sweet “tan lines” from the sensors they put on my body and also some bruising from the needles.

Photo Jun 01, 8 08 47 PMPhoto Jun 01, 8 17 03 PMPhoto Jun 01, 8 08 17 PM


8D8A8510 copyIMG_2057

The hardest struggle I think for me now is seeing so many drastic changes to my body. I went from being a Diabetic for 15 years, not knowing what my body is suppose to really look like. Then my body changed to being in Kidney Failure and being super swollen to the point that I couldn’t fit into my shoes or breathe very well. Then after surgery I dropped to 103 pounds. Way to skinny and felt like I would blow away haha. I then started to gain weight back, more and more and more.. now I feel very big (talking for myself). I have to keep in mind that 1. I have no muscle from being so sick and having a transplant. 2. I am on some drugs that are steroids and are making me gain some of the weight. 3. I haven’t been allowed to do much exercising because of healing and lastly I can finally eat treats and NOT feel guilty about it like I did when I was a kid growing up with Diabetes. With all that being said I can now start working out and doing whatever I’d like! I just don’t know how to even begin thats the problem. I will have to figure it out because not only do I want to look good, I want to feel good and treat my new organs the best I can!

FINALLY. The vacation I have wanted to share all about I finally can on here! 10 of us friends/social media influencers headed to Glacier National Park in June. This was my first big trip since being sick for a year and half and I couldn’t wait!! I flew up Tuesday June 12 to Helena, MT. My friend Hope and her husband Tyler live there and I wanted to spend a few extra days there with her. When I got there we went and picked up a lot of snacks from Costco for the trip and did a few other things. That night a few others from our group came up from UT/ID and we all met up for ice cream downtown.

The next day we were heading out and meeting up with the rest of our group. From Helena to Whitefish (one of the main cities by Glacier National Park) is about a 3ish hour drive. Tyler, Hope and I left earlier then the rest of the group to go meet up with Mark. Mark was flying in from California. I found Mark on Instagram and fell in love with his videos. The way he edits them and that they make you feel so happy and alive. I was so surprised when he agreed to come on this trip not knowing anyone. Mark landed before we got there so he just took an Uber from the airport up to the first place we were staying. The first place we stayed was called 22 Lupfer. It’s this beautiful bright red building with a large 22 on it. After we parked we went inside and had two of the condos for us, Suite B & D. 6 of us could stay in one and the other fit 4, so it worked perfect for our group. We headed up the stairs and walked into Suite D where we were staying. Inside we found Mark already at work with his camera. The moment I met him I could just feel how happy and positive he was. We then went down to the other condo and  checked it out!


After we took some photos us four went and grabbed some dinner. Shortly after we got back to 22 Lupfer, the other 4 showed up! We went to the store to buy an AppleTV so we could play Quiplash (THE BEST GAME EVER) and get some other supplies. That night I talked everyone into pulling their ear wax out with a candle. Let’s just say we had A LOT of laughs and got really close haha😂. We went to dinner at this very nice hotel and I could not understand half the menu haha but we had an amazing waterfront view of the lake! About 12:30am, Ashton and Brad arrived. We all went to bed pretty quick.

Photo Jul 09, 12 00 58 PM (1)Hayden, Dallin, Shanessa and Kiera on their way to meet us in Whitefish, MT!

candlewaxPutting the candles in their ears. We compared to see who pulled the most ear wax haha

The next day we woke up and some had gone and got a tattoo, one went for a run and others slept in. We were able to get everyone together about 9am and go and get crepes for breakfast. We said our goodbyes to 22 Lupfer, packed up and headed to Glacier National Park. I really recommend bringing walkie talkies. You don’t have service in the park and these were awesome to have to communicate with each car and also to joke around with each other! Our first spot that we wanted to go to was Lake McDonald. We pulled up to the lake and it wasn’t that busy which was really nice. We pretty much had the dock to ourselves for most of the time we were shooting! Not even 40 mins went by and something went wrong. It’s not a huge deal and I figured if this was the worst thing to happen to me on this trip then I’m doing pretty good! My crown fell off my tooth… I was chewing gum and it pulled off my crown.. So that kind of sucked but like I said, I’ll take that over anything else that could have happened.



We then stopped and grab some lunch but one of the cars didn’t get the memo and kept going. After we ate, our walkie talkies connected with the other car and we were all able to meet up by Avalanche Lake Parking. By this point we needed to head back to Whitefish to meet up with the owner of the place of our next stay. Two cars headed back and one stayed behind and explored some more.

The place we were staying at was called The Cedar Chalet. It was located right on the slope at the Snow Bear Ski Resort. During the winter time you can literally ski to the place you are staying! There are three chalet’s, we stayed in the largest one to fit all 10 of us. Since so much work went into planning this trip, when we arrived to the chalet I couldn’t believe we were finally here and seeing it in real life. I think I was so overwhelmed with everything it couldn’t sink in for an hour that we ACTUALLY made it here.

IMG_2094Our treehouse for the next 4 daysIMG_5871


Here are a few photos of the treehouse!

Everyone soon arrived and we all got settled in. The weather there is so interesting, one minute it’s sunshine and then the next it’s a storm. For the next few hours we edited photos and Hope attempted do glue my crown back in haha. Tyler, Kiera, Hope and I headed to the grocery store to get stuff to grill for dinner and just hang out at the Chalet that night.

Photo Jul 09, 12 00 58 PM (2)

The next day was the day to do stuff outside. It was going to be the warmest and sunniest day that we had! I was so excited because we were going to go to Avalanche Lake and then go back to Lake McDonald and possibly rent boats, paddle boards or just lay out on our floaties! We attempted to get to the Park by 9am…. we got there about 11am haha. It’s so hard to get everyone out the door and make sure everyone has everything they need. Oh and it also didn’t help that the car I was in missed the turn to go into Glacier National Park and we wasted about 30 minutes. It was pretty busy for parking but we found a few spots for us. We all started walking up the trail and then went to this one area that was a little bit off the trail but not to far off because we could still see the trail/people/cars. When we all walked back to the trail and realized that Mark wasn’t with us. Shanessa and Dallin were the last ones to be with him and said that he ventured off towards another trail. We weren’t that far ahead and hadn’t made it to Avalanche Lake or the Falls yet so we figured we would see him there. We stopped a couple places on the way up to the waterfall to take some photos and videos. I spotted this beautiful area where the sun was peaking through the trees and made Ashton walk over there hoping no bears would come out 😂

8D8A8764This is Ashton. He does some amazing work that I’ll show at the end of this.

Here are some stills from Ashton’s Video he is creating from this trip.

While others were still taking photos, I walked up a bit and started to hear water. I looked around the corner and saw this bridge, walked over to it and it had one of the most beautiful little waterfalls I’ve ever seen. The water was SO BLUE AND CLEAR.

8D8A8770Avalanche Creek

Hayden was already up there and it was just the two of us. This was perfect for some photos I wanted of myself.


I debated about dropping lower to get a better photo or should I say “cooler” photo but I was nervous because there was moss and didn’t want to slip so I decided to just stay there. I think the photos turned out cool enough! Thanks Hayden 😊 We walked back to where our group was, still taking photos at that spot and decided to look at the actual hike to Avalanche Lake. Hayden kept saying we should just go up there. I was nervous because it seemed steep, but Hayden said that was the only part and the rest leveled out. I said lets just wait for the group to get done with photos down here and then we could go up so we all stay together! The rest of our group walked up to the creek and the bridge was full again with other people, but still no Mark to be found.

Here’s where this day decided to take a 180 on us. On the other side of the bridge there was a fenced off area that led to some cliffs over the water. Some of the group wanted to get some photos over there. I stayed behind with a few others and just hung out by that fence or on the bridge.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 4.34.29 PMPhoto by: @dallin_almond Model: @hopescopeofficial

I was talking to Brad waiting for them to come back over and all the sudden I heard some sliding and what sounded like branches or sticks breaking and then a HUGE splash. I turned and instantly said “WHO WAS THAT.”  I knew it was someone and not something. I couldn’t see the creek from where I was at but everyone standing on the bridge had a perfect view of what happened. I looked around because I knew Hope was over there and was worried it was her. It wasn’t her. I then was trying to look and see who was standing by me and who wasn’t. Then I heard someone say “Oh my gosh, DALLIN are you OKAY?!” I ran over to the bridge, keep in mind it was packed with other visitors. I looked down and Dallin was in the water. He instantly grabbed onto the nearest place to pull himself out.

*Side note* I was talking to my parents after about what had happen and I told them I just have these feelings and have extra caution for the way I live my life. I almost died and now have a greater appreciation for life and the situations I put myself in. Not saying that others were dumb to go over there but for me it’s just not worth it if I have any sort of worry that something will go wrong.

I noticed that there was blood running down his hand and he was still wearing his backpack. Brad rushed down to help him get up to where we were. At that point we didn’t know if he had hit his head or was bleeding anywhere else. We did find that the blood was coming from his finger and was either broken or dislocated.

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Kind of gross photos of his finger below






Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 4.34.20 PMPhoto Jun 15, 11 42 55 AM






He then noticed that he was missing his phone. He checked his backpack which for the most part was waterproof but had his laptop and hard drives in it. His phone wasn’t there. Then Hope found it looking down from the bridge. You could see his pop socket on the back of his phone haha. The water is THAT clear. Hope and Shanessa attempted to get it but it was deeper than we thought and the water was to cold and rushing to fast.

8D8A88018D8A88028D8A8796Ashton & his future self haha. Just kidding but this guy wasn’t too amused by our group. 😂 

I asked him where his camera went and he said that he handed it to Tyler to hold while he crossed this area that was kind of difficult and not to mention that it was mossy and slick. After he handed it to Tyler he went and grabbed for a tree and ended up slipping and went head first into the water missing very large rocks.. It’s a miracle that he didn’t hit his head. He did lose a contact in one of his eyes and that was bothering him pretty bad. But like I said, he was lucky.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 12.59.34 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-18 at 1.00.02 PM

We headed back to the car and we still couldn’t find Mark. Half of us went to take Dallin to see the medics and then the rest of the guys decided that they should stay back for Mark. So pretty much the day was over for us. I was so bummed but tried to keep a positive attitude and was just grateful that Dallin was ok! Before we left we told the guys staying for Mark to meet us at this restaurant by 3 and if not radio us by 4 to let us know you are okay and if you found Mark or not. So from about 1-3 we sat outside the medical building waiting for Dallin to get fixed up. Luckily he only had dislocated his finger and had a cut that just needed some stitches.


We headed to the spot to meet the rest of the guys but they never showed.IMG_2639

I was pretty stressed out the entire time from losing Mark, to Dallin falling off the cliff and now we don’t know where the other part of the group is and if everything is ok. I was trying to keep my cool and just believe that everything is ok and then on top of that I am WAY bummed out that we haven’t been able to take photos or have fun all day. Then Dallin said well I need to go back into town (40 mins away) to get my medicine. It closes by 6pm. I finally broke and got super mad.. like to the point of almost tears. I didn’t say anything and walked away just fuming with anger. Again, not mad at Dallin because if this would have happened to anyone we would be there for them. I was just so frustrated from everything that had happened that day that it just kept piling on and then I couldn’t take it anymore. I just wanted to take photos. I just wanted to be together with everyone. I just wanted to spend my day out exploring and not stuck in the car for the whole day. We walked back to the car and I think Tyler or someone tried talking to me and I just said “I can’t talk right now or else I’ll say something I’ll regret later.” I then put my headphones in and took a nap.

We got into town, got Dallin’s medicine and then I finally cooled down a bit. We decided to head back to Glacier and go back to the parking lot where the cars were last left. As we were driving, we were messing around on the radio seeing if it would MAYBE connect with the others. It FINALLY did and guess who was on the line..MARK. We all screamed for joy and saw their cars on the road. We all parked at Lake McDonald, I got out and started yelling (but kind of joking) at them for not meeting us or even just calling us to let us know they were good! Such a weight lifted off my shoulders. I just felt so responsible for everyone that came because I was the one who basically coordinated everyone coming on this trip.

So here’s Mark story: He lost us and thought that we would be up at Avalanche Lake so he decided to hike up there and wait for us. When the other guys stayed back to wait for him, they hiked up there and ran into him on the trail! They then went back to the top and Mark told them about this place he saw off in the distance. The boys decided to go on an adventure to get to this waterfall. It looked amazing but they were pretty much hiking through all sorts of stuff and it wasn’t easy to get to. So all in all I GUESS I’m happy they got their Bro Time, but still bummed because they had such a rad day.

DSC00272 The amazing waterfall they hiked to. Photo: @mark_blevins

We shot a few things at Lake McDonald around 9-9:30pm but it was pretty cold and windy by then.


Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 1.13.00 PM

When we were heading back, some were hungry and went to get food and then the car I was in and the other one went back to the treehouse. We all got in the hot tub and it was so much fun to talk and get to know each other more. I also wanted to do some star photos in Glacier but by the end of the day I was pretty tired, emotionally and mentally. So Tyler and I decided to go in our backyard AKA the ski hill and get a photo. It was really windy and cold so we didn’t last long. *Can you find the Big Dipper?


The next day we were heading to East Glacier. The problem was that the main road that goes through the park (Going-to-the-Sun Road) was still closed in an area. So we had to go the other way around the park. It took longer but it was WORTH IT. It was raining all day but honestly this was my favorite day. I woke up the treehouse with Enya blasting on the TV but it shortly changed to Ashton playing his music after I woke him up 😂  We again kind of got a later start then we wanted. I’m telling you again, if you ever go to a place that doesn’t have service bring walkie talkies. They for 1 were a lifesaver and 2 half of the inside jokes and memories were made from having those while driving.


As we were driving, it was instantly more beautiful than the west side of Glacier. We actually ended up stopping a little before entering the park to this open field/road. It was covered in fog but don’t let the photos fool you we were freezing haha.

8D8A90418D8A90688D8A90878D8A91058D8A91348D8A9194Untitled-1 copyI of course had to add my own twist to this photo 😊 Glacier41 copy8D8A9063

Our first stop was Many Glacier Hotel. This place was unreal, I really couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.


We were here for a few hours and it was raining off and on. This whole time I was waiting for the shoot that I absolutely wanted to do. I have always wanted to do a shoot that was Lord of the Rings inspired. Today was the day. After leaving Many Glacier we were heading to St. Mary’s Falls. On our way out all the sudden Ashton and Brad came over the radio and said, “We’re heading to Canada!” That’s all they have been talking about but I didn’t think they would actually do it haha. We eventually got to the parking lot of the waterfall. It’s about a 2 mile hike and by this point it’s POURING RAIN. I was nervous people would back out but to my surprise mostly everyone was down to go! I seriously was so grateful for those who came with. In fact I was the only who brought my camera because everyone else was nervous to ruin their equipment, which I don’t blame them because it was that bad. Except Tyler did bring his GoPro.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 4.47.03 PMChanging behind the tarp into the dressesScreen Shot 2018-07-18 at 4.45.08 PMPouring rain and the temperature was around 58 degrees but still smiling!

As soon as Kiera and Hope stood up by the waterfall I think I almost cried. A dream coming true. Here are a few photos (You can find more on my Instagram):

8D8A93068D8A93888D8A9422Models: Hope Allen/ Kiera Spencer | Crowns: Emma Katzka | Dresses: Boohoo & Ypsilon

8D8A9455The amazing people + Hope that came on this shoot with me.

We shot for about 15-20 mins and then helped them change out of the wet dresses and back into their wet clothes. Now we needed to hike back up. This was my first hike that I had done since being in Kidney Failure and having my transplant. We started heading back up and I was keeping up pretty good with the group for the first bit. Mark slowed down a little for me but I didn’t have to stop. I finally got to a point where I was pretty tired and needed a break. I didn’t expect the girls to stay behind at all because they were freezing but as I stopped Hayden stayed with me. I already felt stupid but then a guy to stay behind made me feel way bad. I told him to not worry and I’ll catch up. He said, “Why? I don’t think I can get anymore soaked from the rain haha.” I was like, “Well true, but still I feel bad.” But he insisted on staying with me and hiking up. I stopped a total of 3 times I think… but Hayden made the situation so much better and kept me laughing. We got to the top and I was only a couple minutes behind the group. I opened the car door and stood back and looked at what I just accomplished. 5 months ago I couldn’t even make it up 10 stairs… I just hiked 2 miles.  I turned and looked at Kiera, put my hands up over my mouth and burst into tears. I don’t think she could tell at first that they were happy tears and was really concerned something was wrong but as soon as I explained she started to tear up. If the shoot wasn’t worth that hike, this moment was. I then pulled myself together and hopped in the truck. We didn’t really bring extra clothes so everyone pretty much stripped off the wet clothing and found whatever we could in the truck to wear to keep warm.

We ended up stopping off the road to take some photos. This was probably around 9-9:30pm and still super light outside!

We picked up our dinner which was pizza and got back to the treehouse and ate dinner at 11pm. A little after Brad and Ashton showed up and told us all about their Canada experience, which I wish I recorded because it was hilarious! We were all so tired from that day that it was nice to hot tub with everyone on our last night there. I then helped Hayden take some star photos of Hope and Tyler and afterwards Hope, Kiera and I went and hung out in Hayden’s tent that goes over his car.

That trip was so much more fun than I thought it would be. I could have stayed longer and 4 days in Glacier isn’t enough time to see all you would want to. We were all so different but blended so well. Thank you Hope, Tyler, Kiera, Shanessa, Hayden, Dallin, Brad, Ashton and Mark for making this an experience I’ll never forget. I can’t wait to see everyone again on our next trip coming up in September!


 My trip in Montana wasn’t over yet, I still had a few days to hang out with Hope, and Kiera actually ended up staying as well. It was fun to explore Helena for a few days with them.

I flew home and rushed to get to a doctors appointment with my Kidney Doctor. I had blood work done before I left and she said everything looks really good and surprisingly my liver enzymes had come down! She checked with the other doctors and decided that I didn’t need my liver biopsy done TOMORROW. Seriously talk about prayers being answered. That next week I had a couple photoshoots, went to a REAL Soccer Game and had a dentist appointment. By the way, I got a new dentist and well lets hope he never reads this because he is VERY good looking and is single…. OH and did I mention HE GOLFS. Yeah I need him to ask me out ASAP, but he hasn’t and I’ve pulled almost every trick out of the bag. So wish me luck because I see him in the next few weeks. 🙏🏼😂

Photo Jun 21, 9 20 26 PMCelebrating Summer Solstice

Photo Jun 28, 5 16 54 PMI’ve been dealing with the weight gain but whats almost even worse is that my skin has so much acne and it hurts. The same drug that is half of the reason I’m gaining weight is also breaking out my skin. It sucks but I need this drug to keep my organs healthy. I went to a dermatologist to see if he could help me. He put me on some medication to see if will help and then in the Fall we will do some intense Blue Light Therapy to try and kill the bacteria beneath the skin. I’ll post a photo of my skin and I’m super embarrassed about it but it’s reality and I want to show that just because I am no longer Diabetic that the drugs I’m on aren’t the best and will most likely cause side effects.

Photo Jul 08, 10 15 56 PM

For the 4th of July we headed down to St. George! The hottest it got down there was 116 degrees. 😯  Last year I would have loved that weather being anemic but now that I’m actually normal I’m sweating every 5 seconds in that heat haha. For the fourth of July we went golfing at 8:45am and it was already 88 degrees.

8D8A0765IMG_2441Chipped the ball 40 yards and ALMOST made it in!

We also went swimming, ate good food and watched the fireworks! I bought a drone this trip and was literally clueless on how to use it, thank goodness for Youtube. I’m not good at all, but I think I’ll get the hang of it and be able to create some really cool footage.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 2.59.06 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-19 at 2.35.33 PM copy

6 MONTHS!!!!!8D8A0841Photo Jul 09, 9 34 35 AM

HOLY COW. I’VE MADE IT HALF WAY. I honestly can’t believe how fast time is. It does not seem like 6 months ago I got a life saving surgery. To celebrate I went up to our family cabin and stayed with my sister Ali and a few friends! We played games, did puzzles, played on the Nintendo Switch, went for walks, took some astro photos and even hit golf balls that we covered with glow in the dark stuff.



I had my big 6 month appointment and everyone is very impressed how well I’m doing! The only two concerns that they have is my acne and weight gain. I’ll be working on that really hard and hopefully next time on my blog I will have met that goal. On the plus side  I get to now do lab work every other week instead of every week! ALSO….check out my A1C!!Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 11.40.38 PM

If you have read this entire blog, THANK YOU!




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