A few weeks ago I shot with Liberty! She was visiting from LA during the holidays. We decided to drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon and shoot with the snow! It was probably around 20 degrees while we were shooting. I’m stoked about the images we got! Check them out below and I’ll add her IG account so you can check out her amazing photos.

Liberty’s Instagram

8D8A9803 8D8A9810 8D8A9936 8D8A9949 8D8A9951 8D8A9965 8D8A0007 8D8A0035 8D8A0053 8D8A0091 8D8A0094 8D8A0099 8D8A0106 8D8A0114 8D8A0115 8D8A0156 8D8A0195 8D8A0232 8D8A0240 8D8A0266 8D8A0312 8D8A0316 8D8A0324


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