K so can we talk about how perfect this mom and daughter photoshoot was? Not only were they just gorgeous they were so fun to shoot and hang out with! This was my first time doing a shoot for a mom and her daughter. I LOVED doing it and want to do more! We shot on a day when it was snowing and I am so happy with the way the images turned out! Make sure to follow my Instagram to keep updated on what I am up to and traveling to!

8D8A1465 8D8A1568 8D8A1578 8D8A1621 8D8A1626 IMG_1229 IMG_1282 IMG_13228D8A17088D8A17248D8A17488D8A17608D8A18068D8A18168D8A18488D8A18728D8A19108D8A19358D8A19508D8A19638D8A1964


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