Erika|Free people

Erika and I always have the best shoots! I’m lucky to have her as a friend and a roommate!

She is always so willing to help me out with my crazy ideas.

We shot this gorgeous Free People dress a few weeks ago before it snowed here in Logan.

I’m trying to update my blog here a lot in the next couple of weeks before the new year!

Keep watch for new posts!

8D8A7666 8D8A7778 8D8A7665 8D8A7753 8D8A7669 8D8A7795 8D8A7660 8D8A7596 8D8A7827 8D8A7606 8D8A7611 8D8A7756 8D8A7772 8D8A7626 8D8A7823 8D8A7820 8D8A7693 8D8A7713 8D8A7741 8D8A7735


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