Victoria Beach

It has been a really, really, REALLY long time since I have updated this blog! I need to start posting here more. I have been waiting to edit these photos since March and finally I have finished them. I really wanted to take my time on these photos and you could say I am pretty excited to share these.

I have wanted to come to this beach for years now and just last March we finally did. I was beyond excited when we turned the corner of the cliffs and there it was… The tower. I had such a blast shooting these photos and miss being there already.

These types of shoots are what I live for, what I am most passionate about photography. The adventure of finding places and putting together a shoot specifically for that place. I dressed Erika(model) in a bralette I had, a piece of long fabric I found at a thrift store, I made her headpiece and glued diamond pieces to her skin. This shoot maybe cost me $10 to do. Super cheap and really fun to put together!

IMG_9406 IMG_9252 IMG_9405 IMG_9346 IMG_9333 IMG_9161 IMG_9194 IMG_9284 IMG_9377 IMG_9247 IMG_9024 IMG_9165 IMG_9268 IMG_9181 IMG_9126 IMG_9118 IMG_9232 IMG_9400 IMG_9338 IMG_9144 IMG_9115 IMG_9383 IMG_9198 IMG_9177 IMG_9365



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