Madi + Shane|Engagements

Madi and Shane were so fun to shoot! They make my job easy! I cannot wait to shoot Madi’s bridals and then their wedding!


IMG_4291 IMG_4290 IMG_4282 IMG_4278 IMG_4277 IMG_4265 IMG_4262 IMG_4252 IMG_4245 IMG_4243 IMG_4241 IMG_4231 IMG_4229 IMG_4225 IMG_4222

IMG_4318 IMG_4331 IMG_4335 IMG_4353 IMG_4371 IMG_4388 IMG_4389 IMG_4402 IMG_4404 IMG_4408 IMG_4417 IMG_4420 IMG_4421 IMG_4427 IMG_4435 IMG_4451 IMG_4455 IMG_4462 IMG_4474 IMG_4478 IMG_4485 IMG_4486 IMG_4492 IMG_4502 IMG_4510 IMG_4513 IMG_4517 IMG_4521 IMG_4543


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