Dark Beauty Beach

Recently I took a vacation to Cancun, Mexico! I was able to tag along with my best friend/roommate/model’s family 🙂 I had to take advantage of the BEAUTIFUL place and having a model with me. We did three shoots this trip and it was an adventure for all of them! I’ll be posting each shoot on here along with a blog post about the fun things we did in Mexico!

This shoot was the first shoot we did there. We were lucky that we had this beautiful beach right outside where we stayed. This probably was my favorite shoot we did out of the 3. By the time we were doing our shoots, everyone staying at the hotel probably thought we were so weird. It was fun to see everyone watching us shoot and we were probably a story to be told on their vacation!

The dress was something I have had for a while now. I found it at a thrift store and finally I had a reason to shoot with it! Hope and I did her hair and makeup.


IMG_3570 IMG_3575 IMG_3599 IMG_3629 IMG_3635 IMG_3639 IMG_3655 IMG_3664 IMG_3684 IMG_3688 IMG_3694 IMG_3717 IMG_3762 IMG_3775 IMG_3776 IMG_3788 IMG_3801 IMG_3843 IMG_3860 IMG_3870


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