Spring Break 2013

Spring Break this year was much needed. Being stuck in freezing Utah and also going to school I felt it would be a good idea to get out from it all. My family and I are planning on going to Hawaii sometime this next year but I couldn’t wait. I was on Instagram one day and saw someone I knew that was tagged in a photo that blew my mind away. I clicked on her page and it pulled up Amber Mozo. Her photos are incredible! I just knew I had to get out in Hawaii and shoot with her.

The next few weeks Amber and I had been talking back and forth and finally figured out that I could come out for my Spring Break. I booked a ticket right then and there for March 15th. I later found out that Paige, one of the girls I had taken pictures of earlier in January was going the same time I was. So Paige and I decided to fly down together.  I had about a month to get ready for my trip. I found models to shoot and was lucky enough to have made connections with some videographers. I had 10 days I could be gone. I decided to stay in Hawaii for a week and then head back to California to hang out with my sister for the rest of the vacation.

Day 1:



I met Paige at the airport to start our trip! Our flight unfortunately was a little delayed. We left about 3:45pm and had a connecting flight in LA that left at 6:05pm. It was really pushing if for time. When we landed in LA we had little time to get to our next flight. Let me tell you.. I DO NOT enjoy the LAX Airport.. We had to hop on a bus that took us to the main terminal, from there we had to book it from terminal four all the way to terminal two. That doesn’t sound very far right??? Oh no. It was. It took us a good 10 mins to get to it. We got through security and had MAYBE 10 mins to go to the bathroom and get treats. The good news is that we made it on our plane. We flew Hawaiian Airlines, which I might add is the most amazing flight ever. You walk in the aircraft and there is Hawaiian music playing, colorful lighting and flight attendants dressed in their Hawaiian shirts! The aircraft also had touch screens for everyone on the plane. The bad news is that when I was hurrying to get on the plane I had knocked my Insulin Pump on something and it completely tore off. Also my seat was not next to Paige’s and we wanted to see if we could switch someone. The flight attendants were AMAZING they were so helpful and Paige and I were able to fly together!


It felt so good being on that plane, just knowing that we were heading to paradise and to meet new people. About 30 mins into the flight, our flight attendant came over to us and he said that he gave us full complementary services for TV, Music, Videos etc. He also said that if we need anything from liquor to wine just let him know and he would get it for us. I looked at him and smiled and said, “well, then can I get a Diet Coke please?” He looked at me and said, “That’s it?” I smiled and laughed, “That’s it!” Later on they served us a full meal and had some good snacks. The flight felt forever long because I couldn’t sleep at all.

img_8961 hawaiianairlines019

When we finally landed it was 1am back at home. A four hour difference. We collected our luggage and hopped in Paige’s friends car. We headed to Walmart to get some groceries for our stay that week. We headed for Laie and then I met up with Amber. She greeted me with a huge hug for such a little person she is! We then headed back to her home. When we arrived I was greeted by one of her little sisters, Yani. Another big hug! I felt so welcomed already. Yani had gave up her room for me to stay in, which was really nice. Amber and I stayed up till about 3am(7am home time) talking. Then we headed to bed.

I woke up that morning around 8am. I knew the time difference would mess with me. I also was just so excited to be here and couldn’t wait to see everything! We went into the kitchen to find that Amber’s mom had made AMAZING crepes. I got ready to head out and hang out while Amber had to do some family things and we would meet up after. Today was also my first photo shoot!


IMG_5883 IMG_9328

I left with Lisa, Aubrey, Zach and Adam to go shoot them surfing. Unfortunately the surf wasn’t good today so we headed to The Point to take footage of cliff jumping. Afterwards we went to the beach to meet up with more of their friends who all surf. It was so much fun to watch everyone surf. I’ve never really done that before. Amber met up with us there and a little bit later we left to grab a bite to eat and head to our shoot.

IMG_1976 IMG_5087 IMG_5092

IMG_2212 IMG_5093

Untitled-1 2IMG_5105

We arrived at Bikini Beach for our shoot. When I saw exactly where we were going to shoot I knew this is where my vision was going to come to life. Even though I did not have a team for hair, makeup and styling it all was perfect for me. Natalie was so amazing to work with and not to mention she is so beautiful. I’ll do another blog post of her full shoot soon. Check out the promotion video below and make sure to check out more of Zach’s work here.

IMG_2014 IMG_2015


Day 2:


We woke up and got ready for church. It was a lot of fun to see the BYUH campus and to attend church with different people. It’s an amazing experience going somewhere else then being in your own church at home.


After church I had another photo shoot planned with Joanna. I wanted to stay around Laie and then head to the beach. I got really lucky this trip with the models I had. Joanna was also amazing to photograph and to work with. We had a lot of fun and I was really pleased with the photos I got from our shoot. At the end of our shoot she gave me a Thank You Card. I was really taken back on how nice people are here. I’ll post another blog for Joanna’s shoot along with another promo video! Cannot wait to see it!

Amber and I then headed up towards North Shore. We pulled off and grabbed some fresh coconut!! I was so excited. Coconut has always been my favorite. We then went to watch the sunset at Sunset Beach. It was a perfect end to a great day.



Day 3:


Started the day heading to the beach!


Played with this baby today.


And took these photos;;

IMG_9799 IMG_9817 IMG_9829 IMG_9839 IMG_9880

After we played on the beach for a little bit, we went back to Ambers made food and headed on to hike. Everyone that knows me they know I don’t enjoy hiking very much… but I LOVED this hike. It was the type of hike going in and out of trees, rocks and vines. It wasn’t a straight up the hill kind of hike. AND it ended to a BEAUTIFUL waterfall and pool.


Yani will be selling these great visor/hats! Haha she wore this on her head the whole hike!

IMG_2058We came to a point in the hike where there were boulders..and on those boulders were all of these rocks wrapped in these huge leafs. It was a really cool site to see. I’m not sure what it really meant but we all decided to do it just in case 🙂

IMG_2081 IMG_2088 4fe78b2490ef11e294f522000a9f30b8_7

Later that night I made some of my amazing Oatmeal cookies that are a hit at home. We hung out with friends and just relaxed after a long day. I would love to live everyday like this one.


Amber and I started the day bright and early. We started it just right. Going to the temple was a great way to start the morning. It was so beautiful and the people were so kind. What an amazing experience I had.


We then headed to Haleiwa to eat breakfast and shop. The food was so good! We had yummy breads to the best sandwiches and topped it off with acai bowls!

IMG_0197 IMG_0211 IMG_0232 IMG_0238 IMG_0240 IMG_0777 IMG_0778 IMG_0781 IMG_0788 IMG_0796 IMG_0802 IMG_0804

We ended the day playing in the sun and enjoying everyones company.

IMG_5615 IMG_5624 IMG_5665 IMG_5678 IMG_5688 IMG_5703 IMG_5726 IMG_5782 IMG_5803 IMG_5822

IMG_2254 IMG_5829 IMG_5833 IMG_5838 IMG_5843


Today is the last full day in Hawaii. Amber had a ‘lookbook’ shoot today and invited me to come help and shoot. If you haven’t seen Amber’s photos check them out here. Seriously AMAZING. Anyway the location we shot at was REALLY cool. It was a graveyard. But it also had like an abandon pool that we could shoot in. Today was also one of the hottest days I was there. I wish we were in the water at the time. I’ll post a another blog about the shoot I did today.


After our shoot, we stopped and got acai bowls and sandwiches and headed to the skatepark. When I arrived at the skatepark I was surprised to see a face that was really familiar! It was Max! Max came out to Catalina Island this last summer where I had been working. It was really good to see him again and to hang out with everyone else there!

IMG_2183 IMG_2201 IMG_2210

Here are some of the shots I got;;

IMG_6181 IMG_6195 IMG_6201 IMG_6206 IMG_6218 IMG_6231After the skatepark we headed to the beach. It was the last sunset I’d watch there. It was nice to hang out,talk and watch others surf.

IMG_2209 IMG_2252 IMG_5367 IMG_5387 IMG_5393 IMG_6271 IMG_2179

The next morning was an early flight. It was bitter sweet leaving Hawaii. I met some amazing people and made friendships that will always last. Hawaii has a special place in my heart now. Memories to last forever.

IMG_2187There will be a video made of the whole trip! Can’t wait to post it and share how amazing this trip was! Stayed tuned! California is NEXT up on the blog.

To Be Continued…


3 thoughts on “Spring Break 2013

  1. Okay FIRST OF ALL….
    Even these pictures are A-MAZING! Natalie is my sister and she said she LOVED shooting with you- she had so much fun. The pictures I’ve seen so far are incredible. So happy you posted your blog link on facebook so I can follow you there!


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