Emily Soto Fashion Photography Workshop

A couple months ago I was on Facebook and saw that Emily Soto was doing a workshop in November in Orange County, California. I saw it, thought about how cool it would be to go and then just went onto the next thing. The end of October was almost over when I came upon the post on Facebook about the workshop again. I clicked on it, read through it and thought that this would be a really cool experience. So of course I wanted to do it but then I had to come back to reality and think about money. Money for the workshop, plane tickets, hotels, food.. I really thought about it and decided life is too short to pass up experiences that may not ever happen again. I then found myself clicking on the button to pay for this workshop. I couldn’t believe that I just did it. I kept telling myself, “I really just signed up for my first workshop with one of my very favorite photographers.”

For the next couple of weeks I was BEYOND excited. I told everyone I saw, even if they didn’t care at all haha. I even found out that my sister that lives there would be able to spend the whole time with my Dad and I while we were in town.

Let me tell you though.. I was STRESSING the whole time before I stepped into that studio with all the other photographers. Before I even left Utah, I stressed about what to wear, trying on billions of outfits, to printing my fashion portfolio and freaking out about meeting all of the photographers, Emily and her team.

The first day of the workshop I sat in the car for about 10 mins waiting to go in 5 mins before I had to be there. I was scared out of my mind not knowing what will happen. It was like the first day of school and meeting your new teacher and classmates. I probably even looked like a little kid walking in there with my backpack and huge portfolio. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by this BEAUTIFUL lady. Any guesses?? Yup. It was Emily. She was so kind and had the biggest smile on her face. I don’t know what I was so stressed about.. everyone was so kind. There were photographers that came all across the country and even one from Canada. I was lucky and just missed 12 inches of snow from home.

We started out shooting in the studio with two sets, two STUNNING models and met the MUA/Hair(Jen Kolhagen), Stylist(Fiori Couture) and the assistants. I couldn’t get over how beautiful and how easy it was to photograph professional models. Us photographers taking the workshop looked like a bunch of paparazzi taking pictures of one girl! We then went to lunch and headed to our outdoor location. I instantly became friends with some of the others there. Maureen let me go to lunch with her. To make it an even better day, she drove a Range Rover(my dream car) I was in heaven. She was the biggest sweetheart and loved hanging out with her.

The outdoor location was just a park but from our photos you would not be able to tell! Such a beautiful location. We took pictures all the way till there was no more light. The models were awesome even when it started to drop temperature and us photographers were in coats while they were in strapless dresses!

We all ended up at a pizza place to eat, drink and get to know each other! It was so fun to see everyone unwind and just hang out.

Day 2 of the workshop was all about learning and editing our photos. I learned so much from this experience. Honestly I learned more in these 2 days then I have ever in school. I have met true, genuine people that became friends that I hope to keep for a long time. I am so grateful for the amazing opportunity that I had to attend Emily Soto’s Fashion Photography Workshop.

Thank you so much for the support especially to my parents. Thank you Emily and her team and thank you to my friends and fans.

Check out more photos here:

Facebook| Flickr

Enjoy the photos below 🙂


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